Moving or Cancellation of Service

Moving within Fort Erie or Port Colborne

Smiling family sits on the floor of an empty house with moving boxes in background

If you are an existing customer moving within the community of Fort Erie or Port Colborne and need to arrange a new residential account with Canadian Niagara Power, please contact Customer Service, at least five business days in advance of your move at Fort Erie 905.871.0330 or Port Colborne at 905-835-0051.

Our friendly team of customer service representatives will explain what is required to set up your account. You will be asked to provide details about your new residence and make arrangements for a final meter reading at the residence you are leaving.

Please note that a security deposit may be required. Contact our office directly to review your deposit requirements. You will find the required Application for Service form, as well as directions and hours for our office at the following links.

Moving outside of Fort Erie

Couple carrying boxes out of a house with Sold sign on lawn

If you are relocating outside of the communities of Fort Erie or Port Colborne contact us at least five business days in advance by filling out the form below, calling us at 905.871.0330 or 905-835-0051 At that time, we will arrange a final meter reading and obtain delivery details for your final bill.

Visit our online Cancellation of Service form.