24-Hour Emergency Service

Calls related to outages and electrical emergencies continue to be handled and dispatched on a 24-hour, 7 days per week basis.
CALL 1-844-501-9473 (WIRE)

Customer Service

For general customer service inquiries during our regular business hours.
CALL 905.871.0330 or 905.835.0051

Major Department Heads

Kristine Carmichael, Director of Corporate and Customer Services     
Phone: 905.871.0330     
Fax: 905.871.8818

Jeff Hoover, Regional Manager, Niagara, Corporate    
Phone: 905.871.0330
Fax: 905.871.8818     

Online Inquiries

Please feel free to send us an inquiry using the Online Contact Form.

Major Department Heads

Human Resources