24-Hour Emergency Service

Calls related to outages and electrical emergencies continue to be handled and dispatched on a 24-hour, 7 days per week basis.
CALL 1-844-501-9473 (WIRE)

Customer Support

We are available to assist you via the following means:

Residential and Small Commercial Customers:

  • Cheques may be left in the secure drop box at our front door; however, we encourage you to take advantage of some of our convenient payment methods via:

Payment Options | Canadian Niagara Power

  • We also encourage you to sign up at any time for e-Billing via our customer self-help portal at:

Customer Portal Information

  • This free service will allow you to:
    • View all available bills (current and past)
    • See all your power usage
    • Notify you via email when the latest bill is ready
    • Utilize smart forms to perform various activities online
  • You can also reach us via the following:
    • Email:   
    • Phone:           905.871.0330 or 905.835.0051
    • Fax:                1.905.871.8772
  • Contractors and Developers
    • Please schedule an appointment with the specific company contact and call them when you arrive onsite the day of your meeting.

Online Inquiries

Regional Manager
Jeff Hoover  
Phone: 905.871.0330
Fax: 905.871.8818

Major Department Heads

Human Resources