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We proudly and safely distribute electricity to over 24,800 homes and businesses in the communities of Fort Erie and Port Colborne, Ontario. Canadian Niagara Power Inc. ("Canadian Niagara Power") is also responsible for the maintenance of the local electricity distribution system.

Our website provides you with access to a broad range of information, whether you are a residential or commercial customer. With a long history of serving our communities, Canadian Niagara Power takes great pride in providing professional service and competitive rates to our customers.

If you are unable to find the information you require within our website, or have further questions, please visit us at our Customer Service Centre in Fort Erie at 1130 Bertie Street or reach us by telephone: customers in Fort Erie call 905.871.0330 and Port Colborne customers call 905.835.0051. You can also reach our team of customer service representatives by completing our online contact form.

Canadian Niagara Power Inc. has a strong and reliable electricity system, but occasionally we are at the mercy of the Canadian climate. In the winter, heavy snow or ice storms can cause power lines to break, while in the summer and fall, fierce winds, rain and lightning can cause extensive damage that leads to power outages.

If you are experiencing a power outage or wish to report an electrical emergency please use our 24/7 Emergency Service Number 1-844-501-WIRE (9473).
Thank you.


Recent News and Media

Power Outages

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CNPI is currently experiencing a power outage in the Port Colborne area. Crews have been dispatched and are working to resolve the outage. Additional updates are available via CNPI’s Twitter feed: .
Thank you for your patience.

Notice of Pad Mounted Transformer Inspections

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Please note that Canadian Niagara Power Inc. “CNPI” will be performing inspections of Pad Mounted Transformers within its service territory throughout the remainder of 2016. During this inspection period, customers may see CNPI and its authorized representatives in and/or around Pad Mounted Transformers, some of which may be located on CNPI customer property. This inspection program will continue annually to ensure that transformer access is not obstructed. Obstructions include but are not limited to shrubbery, fences, benches etc.
Please see below for a visual representation of the required clearances for energized electrical equipment as well as excerpts from CNPI’s Conditions of Service and the Ontario Electrical Safety Code with respect to this issue.

3.1.16 Access
The customer will provide unimpeded and safe access to CNPI at all times for the purpose of installing, removing, maintaining, constructing, operating distribution equipment and reading or changing metering and associated equipment.
1.7.1 General Rights
The Customer shall not build, plant or maintain or cause to be built, planted or maintained any structure, tree, shrub or landscaping that would or could obstruct the construction and operation of distribution lines, endanger CNPI’s equipment, interfere with the proper and safe operation of its facilities or adversely affect compliance with any applicable legislation in the sole opinion of CNPI.
1.7.3 Property Rights
The Customer shall:
(a) Provide CNPI with access to the serviced premise at all reasonable hours for purposes of meter reading, replacing, removing or testing its equipment, and measuring or checking the connected load
(b) Provide CNPI with space and cleared rights-of-way on private property for lines and equipment required to service the Customer
(c) Trim or allow CNPI to trim all trees in close proximity to service lines in order to maintain such lines in a safe manner
(d) Not unreasonably interfere with CNPI’s access to its property
(e) Not attach wires, cables or any other fixture to CNPI’s poles or other property except by prior written permission from CNPI
(f) Not erect any buildings or obstructions on CNPI’s easements, lands or alter the grading of such lands without prior written approval of CNPI.
CNPI shall:
(g) Have the right to install, remove or replace any of its property as it deems necessary
(h) Maintain ownership of all equipment and facilities provided by CNPI, whether or not a Contribution In Aid of Construction (CIAC) may have been applied.
Electrical Safety Code
Rule 2-312 of the also specifies that;
Passageways and working space around electrical equipment shall not be used for storage and shall be kept clear of obstructions and so arranged as to give persons ready access to all parts requiring attention.

Fall/Winter 2016 FortisOntario Newsletter

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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